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June 30, 2008

Marketing or corporate white ink?

Subconscious Dissolution Into the Continuum al...
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Some executive phones you, emails you or directly contacts you for selling a product. You feel there is no created need for the work. He asks for a referral or few of them, tries to instill a subconscious fear about the future uncertainties.

You think that won’t it be positive if he affords to use the product himself and recommend it, then to come out of the quagmire of the deemed deadlines from HIS visible upstreams. Would you like him to be shunted out of the door or acted upon?

His propping any negative thought is unethical-this roots from the system of mal-employment. Corporates have to look inside their own cuffs that this practice is not pepping up-the figment of upstream mis-management and mis-leadership won’t thrive in future. Only-how early?

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